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4k Custom map
2x Skill, 3x Action
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The Commonwealth PvE - 2x3x - Modded

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Server info
What is The Commonwealth?
We are a collection of people who love Wurm Unlimited. We've had bad experiences with servers not caring about their players, so we made our own server, hosted at home, with this website also made only by us. As it is hosted in such a way we can guarantee that it stays up, can always intervene when something goes wrong, and can change each and every setting to provide the best Wurm PvE experience we can to the players of the server.
What is our goal?
Our goal is to create a balanced PvE experience between too hard and too easy in the fickle zone of "just right". We strive to take into account the feedback we receive and to act on it as soon as possible. If something is within our possibilities to do to make the server a better place for people to enjoy the game we will do it.
How to get started?

It's really easy!

  • Install Wurm Unlimited from Steam
  • Install client mods (Ago's Client Modloader and Livemap are recommended)
  • Browse for more mods here
  • Launch Wurm Unlimited
  • Look for the server in the "Internet" tab of the Steam server browser
  • Input a player name and connect!

We hope to see you there! ;)