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4k Custom map
2x Skill, 3x Action
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The Commonwealth PvE - 2x3x - Modded

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Server info
  • Default skillgain is 2x
  • Weapon smithing and other very slow skills (Like Channeling) have an additional bonus
  • We use the Wyvernmods hybrid skillgain system to bring improvement on par with item spamming
  • Wyvernmods leaderboard system is enabled
  • Meditation is easy to grind, with heavily reduced meditation path levelup cooldowns
  • Start with 20 characteristics, 21BC, improved characteristic skillgains
  • The settings for the hybrid skillgain, to make item improvement viable for skillgain:
  • DUSKombat is active on the server. Detailed info about it can be found here.
  • Skill loss upon death is ACTIVE
  • Current default player CR bonus is 1
  • Weapon stats are visible on examine
  • Bounties are granted for each defeated mob
  • Passive mobs are worth much less than aggressive ones
  • Players receive 75 karma for burning a corpse
  • New mobs that go above troll / crocodile levels!
  • Weapon skills are a bit easier to train so you can try out more weapons
  • Rare mobs that are weaker than uniques but still take a few people to beat!
  • Maximum faith is 200
  • Faith gains are scaled up to the new maximum
  • Faith gains are possible once per hour, up to 5 times a day
  • Favor regenerates at a rate of once per second, favor gains scale with Channeling skill and Faith
  • No priest restrictions
  • Priests don't have every spell, only the ones granted by their god
  • New god named Toyot, keep reading for more info
  • Each god has combat spells added (Willowspine, Truehit...)
  • Cross-faith linking is enabled
  • Statuette quality and rarity affects channeling power
  • New lategame jewelry enchants for each god
  • New custom enchants (Harden, Phasing, Replenish...)
  • Full spell lists: Fo, Libila, Magranon, Toyot, Vynora
  • Better dirt management (Level from ground, dig to dragged vehicle...)
  • Deed founding costs and upkeep enabled
  • Mining is ~50 hits per wall
  • Skills start at 1
  • Can load without 23 Body Strength
  • Maximum building size is calculated with Carpentry x 2
  • New buyer merchant that you can set up to buy specific wares from other people
  • Crops won't rot
  • Discord Relay so you can chat with ingame people while not even playing!
  • All movement speeds are ~20% increased from vanilla
  • Special rift altar to acquire rift materials / rare items to sacrifice
  • Sacrificing rare+ items has a chance of granting a strange bone of equal rarity
  • An array of craftable tabards to customise your toon!
  • You can now sleep in tents
  • Place stuff on top of more stuff!
  • Get treasure maps from mining/digging/hunting/... that lead to great treasures!
  • Lots of small changes with Wyvernmods!
What is The Commonwealth?
We are a collection of people who love Wurm Unlimited. We've had bad experiences with servers not caring about their players, so we made our own server, hosted at home, with this website also made only by us. As it is hosted in such a way we can guarantee that it stays up, can always intervene when something goes wrong, and can change each and every setting to provide the best Wurm PvE experience we can to the players of the server.
What is our goal?
Our goal is to create a balanced PvE experience between too hard and too easy in the fickle zone of "just right". We strive to take into account the feedback we receive and to act on it as soon as possible. If something is within our possibilities to do to make the server a better place for people to enjoy the game we will do it.
How to get started?

It's really easy!

  • Install Wurm Unlimited from Steam
  • Install client mods (Ago's Client Modloader and BardingzzClient and Livemap are recommended)
  • Browse for more mods here
  • Launch Wurm Unlimited
  • Look for the server in the "Internet" tab of the Steam server browser
  • Input a player name and connect!

We hope to see you there! ;)